Big Love

Here's what some of our customers have said about our gear

Your tomato oil pickle is totally fab.
Christine Manfield

I finally got to try the Tomato Oil Pickle and it's nothing short of genius. Bloody yum. Had it with Gujarati sweet and sour dahl because I'm a food wanker and it was brilliant.
Leanne Kitchen

I cannot live without a jar of this eggplant pickle in my fridge at all times - silky, spicy, complex, rich and completely addictive.
Charlotte Wood

Lucinda Holdforth

Just tried the kasoundi - BLISS!
Michelle de Kretser

The Wild Apple Chutney is delish. Apple and spice - hello! Bring me some pork or ham and I'm set for the night. So good.
Jane Lawson 

We absolutely LOVE your Tomato Oil Pickle. We enjoyed it with quiche for lunch and our BBQ for dinner on Saturday night. It has the perfect balance of chili and flavour. Just delicious!
Kirsty Gow-Gates

I love these products! The round and complex Indian Eggplant Pickle leaves a satisfying tingle in the mouth. To fully appreciate the palate length, you'll have to still your hand from immediately reaching out for more - no mean feat!
Jackie McMillan

Stephanie's tomato oil pickle is absolutely incredible. It's my favourite accompaniment - I have not tried anything as special as this! We can't wait to try your next products Stephanie!
Kevin Copeland

If you can get your hands on this apricot jam you're a lucky, lucky devil - it is renowned among my friends simply as The Best Apricot Jam Ever Made.

Charlotte Wood